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How to draft effective letters of advice

Earlier this week I heard Pekeri Ruska of the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service introduce herself in the language of her people, the Goenpul of Minjerribah. I gathered the gist of the speech, but I certainly didn’t understand every word and what understanding I had was based on a lot of guess work. I wonder how many clients feel the same way when they read legal advice.

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Support to help you succeed

“I am privileged to be mentored by an experienced lawyer and want to thank the LIV for this opportunity.” Holly Tan, Law Student

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Lunch with Professor Gillian Triggs

Join our first Leadership Lunch for 2015. Professor Gillian Triggs built a successful career by combining her skills in international legal practice with her dedication to human rights issues.

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Conduct smart legal research

Get the right head start for all your legal research needs through our experienced LIV Librarians, who will guide and equip you with essential and authorised legal resources.

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