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New admissions

New admissions

By Law Institute Journal

Occupations Practising Certificate 


New admissions

The following people were admitted to practice as Australian lawyers and as officers of the Supreme Court of Victoria on 17 October 2017. The LIJ welcomes them to the legal profession.

Agar, Georgia

Alfayadh, Fadak

Arena, Laura

Beames, Katherine

Beer, Harriet

Blekic, Ivana

Bletsas, Debbie

Borg, Maddison

Bray, Alicia

Burston, Jeremy

Burton, Allyce

Chan, Jun

Cheng, Peony

Cherny, Tamara

Dale, Peter

Daniel, Hayley

De Jong, Cheryl

Ding, Kaiqi

Dooley, Simon

Drinjak, Samir

Durovska, Elena

Fakhri, Cassandra

Fatouros, Zoe

Fletcher, Tully

Forrest, Nicholas

Franklin, Timothy

George, Elarya

Giangregorio, Stefani

Gook, Jarrod

Green, Harry

Hai, Bocha

Hambalian, Jenney

Harrington, Niamh

Heikkila, Karina

Hill, Michael

Ho, Li

Hoogenbosch, Brendan

Ilich, Maria

Jayasuriya, Deshanee

Jeyabala, Jeyprasath

Jones, Brett

Joyce, Tiffany

Karalis, Filareti

Kemp, Stephanie

Kiernan, William

Kordos, Niko

Koskinas, Georgia

Kouchayan, Sonia

Kraus, Illana

Liu, Louise

Lopez, Bianca

Lunt, Hannah

MacKenzie, Duncan

Manderson, Rochelle

Marinic, Samantha

Matassoni, Isabella

Matthews, Jane

McAlister, Hannah

Meghaizel, Mona

Mercer, Sarah

Merola, Jessica

Michael, Jason

Mohamed Amrad, Nur Dinah

Molton, Timothy

Morris, Ashleigh

Morris, Brittaney

Mulholland, Dawit

Mullins, Lucinda

Munro, Cameron

Nguyen, Vinh

Olivi, Cosima

Palma, Laura-Jane

Pappas, Victoria

Paxinos, Nicola

Petkovska, Katerina

Petrie, Caitlyn

Puk, Ying Jie

Rajapakse, Suraj

Rankin, Andrew

Rasmussen, Candice

Robertson, William

Roy, Sharon

Sabatino, Greta

Sahin, Celal

Sarantis, Anastasia

Scherini, Michael

Schweiger, Stefanie

Senior, Samantha

Sert, Egemen

Sharma, Meghana

Shaw, Anna

Silva Hettige, Amaya

Sita, Franciska

Stevens, Bryn

Storey, Diane

Synon, Karen

Taylor, Katharine

Taylor, Michael

Theng Hui, Tay

Thomas, Paul

Thomas, Rhys

Tran, Alexandra

Tropea, Annina

Trowbridge, Michael

Urbaniak, Rachael

Vance, Timothy

Vrdoljak, Alexandra

Wan, Wai Kian

Wang, Yue

Warszawski, Violet

Wickramaarachchi, Mokshi

Wisser, Elizabeth

Wu, Qirong

Yao, Leonard

Zois, Anthoula

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