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New admissions

New admissions

By Law Institute Journal

Courts Occupations Practising Certificate 

The following people were admitted to practice as Australian lawyers and as officers of the Supreme Court of Victoria on 12 February 2019. The LIJ welcomes them to the legal profession. AGARWAL, Deepanshi ALTOON, Laura ALVAREZ BERRIO, Catalina AMES, Jasmine ARBOGAST, Michael ARHAM, Fathima Nabila BAESS, Harry BLENNERHASSETT, Alex BORELL, Jules BORGHESI, Christopher BOX, Georgina BRAND, Georgina BROOKS, James BROWN, Travis BRYDON, Christopher BRZICA, Iva BURRY, Duncan CALLINAN, Eloise CANAVAN, Declan CARINO, Zandra CHAN, Huey Ming CHARAN, Myra CHEN, Zheli CHHINA, Ritu CHRISTIE, Bianca CHRISTODOULOU, Zoe CLARK, Emma CLEAL, Zachery CLINCH, Veronica COLOMBATHANTRI, Aruna COOPER, Michael COSTANTINO, Claudia CROUCHER, Jay CUTLER, Andrew D’ARIENZO, Daniela D’VAZ, Michelle DASIO, Oliver DEAN, Adrian DELL’OSTE, Monique DI CONZA, Melanie DICKSON, Rhiannon DOJLIDA, Peter DONG, Chenzi DRINKWATER, Benjamin DUNBAR, Alistair EINHART, Samantha ELZANATY, Mariam EMBLEM, Lauren FASSIOMS, Anette FEI, Andrew FERNANDO, Nevin FIRBAS, Maxine FOWLER, Wayne FRANKLIN, Emilie FRASER, Emily FRASER, Paulette FREIJAH, Natasha GAMBLE, Faith GANESON, Nathaniel GARDAM, Sharon GEROS, Annmarie GLASS, Lachlan GRACE, Cameron GRAHAM, Joshua GREAVES, Thomas GULDOGAN, Ulas GULLI, Alexander HAMILTON LINDSAY, Henry HAMKA, Hassan HARRIS, Joshua HARRISS, Dominique HART, Rebecca HAYS, Thomas HEATH, Ruby HENG, Cheng HEVERIN, Ellie HIRD, Louise HOCHREITER, Simon HOLMES, Daniel HOLMES, Oliver HUANG, Yulin JOHNSON, Peter JOVANOVIC, Thomas KANE, Mary KASHEFI, Mohammad KAYE, Michael KAZARYAN, Andranik KEENE-MCCANN, Jennifer KELLY, Patrick KELLY, Yin Mei KHOURY, Mariah KIDD, Paul KIM, Minjee KRIVOSIJA, Martin LAU KWAN TSAN, Denis LE, Duy LEE, Song LEE, Soo Kyung LIM, Jonathan LIU, Ailin LIU, Rowena LOMDAHL, Nicholas MADDEN, Sarah MALONEY, Jack MASON-KAINE, Tallon MCDONALD, Patrick MCLEAN, Kimberley MCMAHON, Madeleine METTER, Greg MICHAS, Helen MILLER, Nina MITCHELL, Georgina MOODLEY, Naleni MORRIS, Barbara MOURTIKAS, Steven MYERS, Amy NAWAS, Israr NG, Lorraine NG, Ying Ping Suzanne NGUYEN, Lan Anh O’KEEFE, Melissa O’LEARY, Stephanie OORLOFF, Mimi PACKER, Nicholas PALMER, Giovanna PARK, Kiseon PAVLIDIS, Justine PEOPLES, Benjamin POINTON, Andrew PURCELL, Melissa QIU, Min QOSE, Reece REID, Tracey REITH, Freya REZNIK, Maddison RI, Marita RIDDLE, William RUI WEN, Ng SALEH, Amanda SANTOPIETRO, Daniel SAVION, Ellie SCOTT, Kari-Jade SHEEHAN, Kieran SIU, Ting Tung SIVARATNAM, Jerome SKILLEN, Kymberley SPENCE, Raquel STANLEY, Stacey STAVRIS, John STEED, Anne STEPHENS, Anna STEPHENSON, Michael STEWART, Sarah SUDARSANAN, Monisha SUTTON, Drew TAKAC, Kathrine TAN, Kenneth TAN, Yen Hua TAYLOR, Jonathan TEO, Darius THATCHER, Monique THOMAS, Scott THOMPSON-DONNELLY, Nicola TOPALOVIC, Andrew TORAHI, Sogand TRAN, Chuong TURNBULL, James TZIMOURTAS, Nicholas VAZ, Veronica VIRGONA, Frank VITIELLO, Stephanie VONG, Caroline WARD, Sarah WEISS, Bianca WESSELS, Christopher XYNAS, Alexander YOUNG, David YOUNG, Rebecca YU, Ho Yan

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