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Choosing the right lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, the LIV Accredited Specialist directory can help you find a lawyer who is a leader in their field.

Why choose a LIV Accredited Specialist

  • LIV Accredited Specialists must have a minimum of  five years full time practice experience and a minimum of three years experience in their area of specialisation
  • LIV Accredited Specialists must maintain a high degree of professional development in their area of specialisation
  • LIV Accredited Specialists must pass a comprehensive examination process, developed by legal professional experts
  • LIV Accredited Specialists must apply for re-accreditation every three years
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Administrative Law  - 11
Children's Law  - 27
Commercial Law  - 64
Commercial Litigation  - 49
Commercial Tenancy Law  - 13
Costs Law  - 9
Criminal Law  - 103
Environmental, Planning & Local Government Law  - 15
Family Law  - 213
Immigration Law  - 46
Mediation  - 15
Personal Injury Law  - 102
Property Law  - 43
Tax Law  - 9
Wills & Estates  - 77
Workplace Relations  - 26
Note: Numbers after areas of law indicate the number of specialists in that area.

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