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LIV Mentoring

The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) recognises the important role mentors play in the professional growth and development of their fellow lawyers. Since 2009 we have been helping to facilitate many successful and rewarding mentoring relationships for our members.

The LIV has expanded its mentoring offerings, with a suite of new programs available, supporting more member segments.

The LIV Mentoring Program

The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) recognises the importance of supporting, inspiring and encouraging lawyers of all levels of experience to pursue fulfilling careers in the law and remain active within the legal profession.

The LIV Mentoring Program provides a forum by which members can support members by discussing their experiences within the legal profession and their future careers in the law.

The program is available to all LIV members holding a practicing certificate and student members in their penultimate and final year of study.

For mentees, being mentored by an experience member of the profession offers unique guidance and insight from a knowledgeable and experienced role model.

Through the program, members seeking one on one mentoring will be matched with an appropriate mentor. These include:

  • Law graduates;
  • Later lawyers;
  • Practitioners on leave or returning to work after a period of leave;
  • New law practitioners starting up their own firm/business; 
  • Practitioners interested in learning more about the Victorian Bar; or
  • Any other practicing certificate holder seeking one of one mentoring.

Those seeking Judicial Mentoring will be placed into a small group as part the Judicial Mentoring stream. 

Mentoring Categories defined

Law students in their penultimate or final year of study – mentoring category for those entering their penultimate or final year of study and forward planning a career in law.

New law mentor - designed to assist and guide those practitioners who are establishing their own practice.

Return to work - supporting women returning to practice after a period of maternity leave or any member returning to work after a break in their career.

Later lawyer mentor – supporting law students and new lawyers that have come to the profession later in life as a second or subsequent career.

Barrister mentoring – widening practitioner’s knowledge, enhance professional networks, and increase awareness of the distinction between the role of a solicitor and barrister, and how to leverage this distinction for the benefits of clients. The program is suitable for young lawyers to develop their skills and confidence working with barristers away from the pressured environment of managing a specific brief.

Judicial mentoring – the Judicial Mentoring stream links law graduates and lawyers with less than 5 years PAE a member of the judiciary and discuss their experiences within the legal profession as well as their future careers in the law. Through the program, mentees will be placed into small groups (4-6 participants) and given the rare opportunity to meet regularly and informally with Victorian Judges or Magistrates.

The judicial program includes members of the Victorian judiciary from the:

  • Family Court
  • Supreme Court
  • County Court
  • Magistrates Court, including groups in: 
- Melbourne
- Bendigo
- Ballarat
- Geelong, and
- Shepparton.

How to Apply

The program will run from April to December.

Applications open from 1 March and close 30 April 2019. The program is free for LIV members. 

Prior to applying to participate in the program, please read the Program Guidelines. Please read this document carefully before completing an application form. These guidelines should be observed by all participants.

Participants will then need to submit an application form, addressing specific criteria, and then pairs will be matched against the criteria.

For mentors:
Applications are for the 2019 mentoring program are now closed.

For mentees:
Applications are for the 2019 mentee program are now closed.

This program is free for LIV members.

Member to Member Mentor Service

This is the original, informal program that the LIV has been running since 2009. Mentors register via application, attend an information session and are added to the online Directory. Mentees can log in to LIV website and access list of potential mentors and reach out accordingly.

This is an informal program and will continue to be complimentary for members. More information on this program and how it works can be found below:


For more information about LIV Mentoring, email


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply?

    Mentees - Applications are now closed.

    Mentors - Click here for application details and form.

  • Who are LIV mentors?

    LIV Mentors are legal practitioners who have attended a LIV mentoring information session to obtain appropriate training. Mentors must hold or be eligible to hold a current practising certificate. Once LIV mentors have attended the session, they can then volunteer their time to assist in the professional growth and development of fellow members of the legal profession.

  • When are mentoring sessions held?

    Mentoring sessions are held at various times throughout the year. Check the what'sOn calendar for listings of upcoming mentoring information sessions.

  • Why become a mentor?
    • To increase career and personal satisfaction
    • To make a contribution to the profession
    • To reflect upon your own experiences of the law
    • To assess your own skills, qualities and attributes as a legal professional
    • To experience new ideas and approaches to problem solving

    View the LIV Mentoring Guidelines (PDF). The guidelines provide information on the role of the mentor including establishing, conducting and reviewing a mentoring relationship.

  • Why become a mentee?
    • To gain assistance in career planning
    • To find professional support and guidance
    • To increase your confidence and knowledge
    • To access an independent and objective perspective
    • To find opportunities to extend your professional and personal network
    • To connect with a role model on an individual basis