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View the latest news in workplace relations law from sources such as the Law Institute Journal, submissions, media releases, blogs and more.

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Joining the Workplace Relations Section is a great way to stay up to date on this dynamic area of law, meet influential lawyers and shape future legislation.

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The LIV does not have resources available for workplace relations lawyers at this time. However, Law Books has a significant list of titles in this area.

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Workplace Relations Law

Workplace Relations Law is ever-changing in light of technological evolution, market forces and changing community standards. Workplace relations practitioners often work from either an employee or employer perspective and advise on rights, duties and obligations of each respective party to an employment agreement. Practitioners also have to navigate this multi-jurisdictional area of law and consider both state and federal laws that apply in an employment context.

Workplace Relations Accredited Specialisation

The Workplace Relations Accredited Specialisation program has operated for 13 years and was the first assessment program in Workplace Relations. Accreditation recognises that specialists in this area are highly competent, knowledgeable and proficient across a range of workplace laws. As part of the assessment process, candidates are required to draft a written submission pertaining to an agreed fact situation; this forms part of an oral assessment component before a member of Fair Work Australia, as well as completing a written exam.

For further information on becoming an accredited Workplace Relations Lawyer see here.

For a list of accredited Workplace Relations Law Specialists, see here.


For further information about joining the Workplace Relations Section or Committee, please contact the senior lawyer in charge of the Workplace Relations Section:

T: 03 9607 9311

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