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Elder Law Section Objectives

The Section’s objectives are to:

  • promote and maintain a high standard of knowledge and experience for elder law practitioners;
  • promote the practice and recognition of elder law.
  • monitor, and keep members informed about legislative and other legal changes or developments that impact or affect older persons;
  • consider and recommend law reform in the field of elder law;
  • conduct research and analysis and advise the LIV Council on elder law issues;
  • strengthen and maintain relationships between elder law practitioners, courts and tribunals, regulatory and administrative bodies and government; and
  • provide input to CPD events which meet or promote the professional development needs of practitioners working in, or wanting to work in, elder law.

Broader Involvement

The Elder Law Section contributes to the following groups:

  • Seniors Rights Victoria’s Elder Abuse Roundtable
  • Elder Abuse Prevention and Response Advisory Group
  • Various Law Council of Australia Working Groups
  • Law Council of Australia National Elder Law and Succession Committee

How to Join the Elder Law Section

All LIV members are entitled to join the Elder Law Section.

This can be done by logging into the LIV website (using your user name and password), clicking on the tab at the top of the page which has your name on it, then at the top of the page selecting the "My LIV Profile" tab and clicking on "Membership" from the dropdown options.

You will then be able to join the Elder Law Section by selecting the “Elder Law” option and then clicking "save" at the bottom of the page.

By joining the Elder Law Section, you will receive tailored information regarding elder law and activities of the Elder Law Section, as well as being able to attend and vote at the Elder Law Section Annual General Meeting. Joining the Elder Law Section is also a prerequisite for joining the Section’s Committee and any sub-groups or working groups.

The Section aims to support elder lawyers through the provision of education and training in this area of law.

Elder Law Section Executive Committee

The LIV’s Elder Law Section has an Executive Committee which advocates for reform and policy change with respect to elder law and frequently liaises with the Office of Public Advocate (OPA), the Australian Medical Association (AMA), the Law Council of Australia (LCA), the Succession Law Committee and the Elder Abuse Prevention Advisory Group. The Executive Committee sets the overall agenda and policy direction for the Elder Law Section and works to ensure the objectives of the Elder Law Section are met.

Chair: Bill O’Shea
Deputy Chair: Claire McNamara
Council Liaison Representative: Kathy Wilson

How to Get Involved in the Committee

The Elder Law Executive Committee welcomes applications from members practising in this area of law.

For information on joining the Elder Law Executive Committee, please email or telephone
(03) 9607 9311.

All Committee members must be members of the Elder Law Section.

Working Groups

Working groups are formed on an ad hoc basis as particular issues or projects arise.

For information on current Elder Law Section working groups, please email or telephone
(03) 9607 9311.


For further information about joining the Elder Law Section or Committee, please contact the policy lawyer in charge of the Elder Law Section:

T: 03 9607 9311