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National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS)

The National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) came into operation on a voluntary basis from 1 January 2008.

To be accredited under the NMAS, mediators must meet certain practice, competency and training requirements set out in the Practice Standards and Approval Standards including:

  • threshold approval requirements on the basis of being either "experience-qualified" or "non-experience qualified"
  • ongoing professional education requirements
  • providing evidence of their good character and undertaking to comply with ongoing practice standards.

Mediators may apply (PDF) for accreditation under the NMAS and, to maintain their accreditation, they must apply for renewal of accreditation (PDF) under the NMAS every two years. For information about the registration fee for nationally accredited mediators, view the information sheet (PDF) referred to in the application forms. For further information, or to submit your completed application, please contact us at

Recognised Mediator Accreditation Bodies

Under the NMAS, Recognised Mediator Accreditation Bodies (RMABs) have the role of accrediting mediators in accordance with the Standards. The LIV is an RMAB under the NMAS.

Mediator Standards Board

Further information about the NMAS is available online.

LIV Mediators Directory

Search for a Mediator

The LIV Mediators Directory contains a list of mediators. The LIV Mediators Directory is available to the legal profession and members of the general public on the LIV website.

Mediators are listed together with their contact details and areas of practice or specialisation. The list enables mediators to be selected directly by the parties to a dispute, their lawyers or the courts. You can search for a mediator by location or area of practice.

Benefits of Using Mediation

Mediation provides an effective and efficient alternative to traditional court-based dispute resolution. It may save your clients time and money.

  • Mediation is confidential, which is a significant benefit to many clients.
  • Lawyers have a duty to inform their clients of all the options available, including the use of alternative dispute resolution methods.
  • Mediation is an efficient and convenient way to settle your dispute.

Important Information

Liability: The LIV accepts no responsibility for any matter that arises from the engagement of a mediator listed in the LIV Mediators Directory or the mediation process itself.

Fees: There is no fee to search the LIV Mediators Directory. Fees for mediation should be negotiated directly between the parties or their lawyers and the mediator.

Mediation agreements: It is usual for a mediator to require the parties to sign an agreement that will govern the conduct of the mediation and the mediator’s remuneration.

Joining the LIV Mediators Directory

Application Process

Applicants must:

  • submit an application form to the LIV by emailing
  • satisfy the relevant criteria
  • pay the annual fee for listing in the LIV Mediators Directory.

Application Form

The LIV Mediators Directory Application Form (PDF) seeks details of professional qualifications and relevant experience including:

  • Curriculum Vitae – The CV forms an important part of the records for the Mediators Directory. Details may be supplied to those who seek those details when considering a mediation appointment
  • legal and mediation practice experience.

Accredited Specialisation in Mediation

Specialisation is available to members through the LIV’s Accredited Specialisation Scheme. The criteria set by the Accredited Specialisation Board include substantial experience as a mediator and assessment by the Board.

LIV Mediation Workshops

Mediation training workshops are conducted by the LIV in conjunction with the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation. For further information contact LIV Registrations at or call 03 9607 9473.

Ongoing Responsibilities

It is essential that you advise the LIV of any changes that affect the accuracy of the Mediators Directory records, including:

  • providing written notification of any changes in details to ensure the most up-to-date information is available
  • if there are changes to your CV, you must provide an updated CV.

Renewing Your Listing in the LIV Mediators Directory

The annual fee for listing in the LIV Mediators Directory is currently $250. The fee will be included in your LIV membership renewal invoice.

If you have any questions regarding the renewal process, please contact the Member Engagement team on 03 9607 9470.

Appointments/Nominations by the LIV President 

The President of the Law Institute of Victoria is occasionally requested by parties to transactions or disputes to appoint or nominate persons for a range of different reasons. These include:

  • appointment or nomination of a mediator to mediate a dispute
  • appointment or nomination of an arbitrator to arbitrate a dispute
  • appointment or nomination of a solicitor to act in a conveyancing transaction
  • appointment or nomination of an expert to determine issues in dispute
  • appointment or nomination of a valuer to value properties or businesses.

The President will consider each appointment or nomination request to determine whether he or she will make an appointment or nomination. Doing so is at the President’s discretion. 

LIV Mediation & Meeting Rooms for Hire

The time and place for a mediation is determined by agreement between the parties to the dispute and the appointed mediator.

Should you choose to conduct the mediation in a central location, the LIV has meeting rooms for hire, with discounted rates available to LIV members.

Bookings can be made directly by contacting Room Bookings on telephone at 03 9607 9322 or via email at