Expert speakers

Draw on the expertise of esteemed speakers from your area of law

Connection to the profession

Connect in person with a community of peers and industry leaders

Peer-to-peer learning

Collectively deliberate issues facing the profession and your daily practice

  • Family Law Sessions

    1. Keynote Address: View from the Bench
    2. Spotlight on Family Violence Service Providers
    3. Understanding Cryptocurrency in Family Law
    4. Preparing your Client for Mediation
    5. Vicarious Trauma in Family Law Practice
  • Succession Law Sessions

    1. Keynote Address: View from the Bench
    2. Succession Law Case Update Session
    3. Use of Testamentary Trusts
    4. Complex Clauses in Wills and Powers of Attorney
    5. Costs Case Update
  • Property Law Sessions

    1. Keynote Address: Property & VCAT Matters
    2. Property Law & Leasing Case Update
    3. What You Need to Know When Dealing With Crown Land
    4. Risk Management for Property Lawyers
    5. Getting to Know the New LIV Off-the-plan Precedent
  • Plenary Keynote: Australian Cyber Threat Landscape

    Learn the most common types of attacks for small business in Australia, what to do if you are targeted and how you can mitigate risks to protect your most important assets and information.

  • LIVe Ideation – Practitioner, Practice, Profession

    Collectively discuss common issues facing the legal profession, including time recording following the Supreme Court Costs review and how to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Ethics in Practice

    Explore a selection of ethical scenarios and interdisciplinary issues commonly experienced by solicitors and legal practises with the LIV's head of ethics and practice support, Simon Libbis.