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LIV’s Governance structure under review

On 4 February 2019, the LIV Council established the Governance Working Group to undertake a review of the LIV’s governance and advise on the effectiveness of the current arrangements and alignment with best practice and announced the appointment of 2019 Vice President, Ms Tania Wolff, as the Chair.

Ms Wolff is joined by fellow directors Stuart Webb (ex-officio), Sam Pandya (ex-officio) Brendan Lacota, Simon Libbis, John McPherson, Meghan Warren, Belinda Wilson and expert member, Maryjane Crabtree.

The Governance Working Group will seek expert advice on any matters to inform its inquiry.  See Key Documents for the Governance Working Group Terms of Reference. A broad consultation with members and stakeholders within the governance system will be incorporated into the preliminary report, due in December 2019, that will capture the status of the current environment and recommendations on potential areas of reform (if any) and how these could be best pursued.

It is anticipated that the Council will then determine if and what governance reform is required, with a further consultation in 2020 and to report by the 2020 annual general meeting.

The LIV is reassessing its governance structure to ensure it is best placed to serve members into the future.

Read the Law Institute Journal article - LIV: Governance structure under review.

What’s happening now

While the timing of the Governance Review has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic – important progress has been made by the Governance Working Group and the Board in recent months – and the Board is keen to re-engage with interested members.
Much background work has been done to:

a. Analyse input obtained from members and key stakeholders from 2019

b. Explore the strategic issues that impact LIV governance, including:

  • Change to the profession, the political, regulatory and commercial environment
  • Competition from other associations and service providers
  • Challenges for financial sustainability.

c. Identify contemporary best and good practice that could be applied to LIV governance

The Board has explored ideas for reform arising from our preparatory work, identifying those with the most potential, ruling some out as unsuitable and referring other matters to LIV management.

The Board have agreed a view about the most promising directions for LIV governance, including:

  • Strengthening the Board’s skills mix
  • Moving to a more agile, responsive and appropriately sized Board
  • Maintaining diverse perspectives of practicing lawyers on the Board
  • Enabling more flexible role definition and terms for the President
  • Modernising the terms and tenures for Directors
  • A commitment to proceed with development of a preferred model – and to continue engagement with members with some proposals for testing
  • Providing some additional time for engagement and to resolve any issues of concern – aiming now for a possible Special General Meeting of Members in the first half of 2021.

Next steps

a. Publishing a Board Consultation Paper to form the basis of member engagement – which will rehearse the background, the logic to the review so far, the key ideas for reform, the range of options for each and a series of questions for members to consider

b. Stakeholder consultation will be conducted, including options for contribution through written feedback, attending webinar-style discussions, attendance at scheduled Committee meetings by the Board and/or the advisers and small group discussions

c. Following the analysis of input, a progress update will be provided to members at the 2020 AGM – including the proposed path to a member decision-making SGM.

Other opportunities

There are multiple ways and opportunities for you to share your experiences and ideas for change with the LIV.  Members wishing to give feedback to the governance review can contact Phil Khoury or by telephone on 03 9421 3111. Regular updates will be provided on this website over the course of the review.